NCR Deploys Kahuna Skills Management

With Kahuna skills management, NCR’s global field technicians have the right skills and expertise to provide industry-leading customer service.

Houston, TX – June 30, 2023 – NCR, a leading enterprise technology provider, emphasizes their priority of providing quality and reliable service to customers while fostering growth opportunities for employees, with the deployment of Kahuna’s skills management software across their global technician population. 

As the number one global POS software provider for retail and hospitality and the number one provider of multivendor ATM software, dispatching technicians to the job site efficiently and accurately is of the utmost importance. Across the NCR operating environment, complex machinery and equipment require specific skills and certifications. By implementing Kahuna, NCR can dispatch technicians to the job site based on validated skills and proficiency metrics aligned to specific work orders. 

“Our priority when searching for a skills management platform was finding a solution that not only helped us track the skills of our technician population but also pushed out data insights that could drive dispatching and employee development decisions. Kahuna helps us manage and validate the proficiencies of our technicians and provides objective evidence of competency levels across the workforce,” said Rob Randall, Global Field Resource Operations Leader at NCR. “With this data, our scheduling and dispatching processes are more efficient, we are improving the quality of work performed for each customer on the job site, and our employees can own their development with an understanding of specific training needs.”

“NCR has an extremely data-driven approach to their skills and competency management program, and they’re using Kahuna as a key enabler of this,” said Jai Shah, CEO of Kahuna. “With skills insights for 24,000 global technicians, NCR is able to drive operational decisions, inform business KPIs, understand workforce and organizational capability, and maintain quality service for customers.”

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