Competency Management Software for Oil & Energy

Accurate, Real-Time Skills Data

Built for the frontline and technical workforce in oil and energy, Kahuna helps you understand operational capability, close skill gaps, drive productivity with qualified teams, engage your talent, and meet business demands now and in the future. Get work done on the frontline with Kahuna’s validated skills data.

Field Services Skills Management Software
Align your workforce ahead of customer demand to capture market share, win work, and retain customers.
Identify talent and form global project teams with the right mix of skills.
Ensure knowledge transfer and the development of critical skills.
Retain talent and inform workforce planning to match skill supply and demand.

Forecast skill demands and align development plans to close skills gaps

Evaluate current organizational capability and future skill needs in Kahuna’s Capability Planning workbench. Use this data to ensure training and development or recruiting initiatives are in line with operational and overall business goals.

Assemble and deploy global teams based on project-specific skills

Use role-specific employee proficiency data to understand role-readiness and deploy the right team to the right job. Publish user data to the CRM, or any other consuming systems, with Kahuna’s integration functionality.

Assemble and deploy global teams based on project-specific skills
"Kahuna is a system that is intuitive and easy to use for both administrators of the system and, most importantly, for the end-user. We are able to display all competencies and demonstrate compliance to governing authorities."
- Talent Management Executive
“Kahuna has removed the manual process of tracking skills, certifications, training, and compliance requirements. We now have complete visibility into the current capabilities of each employee and where gaps exist.”
- Head of Crewing Operations
“We wanted a system to support our employees as they navigate a rapidly changing environments. Kahuna will act as our source of truth, integrating with our other systems to tap into the real value of our workforce.”
- Chief Human Resources Officer
Embed compliance and safety initiatives into the flow of work

Embed compliance and safety initiatives into the flow of work

Address the complexities of energy competency assurance requirements with Kahuna’s flexible data model. Target user assignments, training, and experiences based on specific equipment, customers, or locations. Allow managers, SMEs or other designated assessors to sign off on skill proficiency.

Support employee development and organizational retention efforts

Provide modern, skills-based training personalized to employee skills gaps. Ensure a more balanced skill distribution on project teams to help reduce employee burnout. Tie compensation efforts to skills development to help attract, build, and retain critical skills and talent.

Embed compliance and safety initiatives into the flow of work

Prioritize Health, Safety, Quality, and Compliance

Strategic skills management initiatives ensure regulatory compliance becomes a standard operating procedure throughout the day-to-day work, and decreases the likelihood of violations and potentially catastrophic damages on the job site.


How E&Ps are Increasing Efficiency by Better Balancing Compliance, Competency, and Cash

Join Yinson Holdings Berhad and Kahuna Workforce Solutions to learn how digitized competency management helps balance regulatory compliance, workforce competency, and cash flow to ensure safe and efficient operations.