Do You Know the Skills DNA of Your Workforce?

What is Competency Management?

Competency Management, also referred to as skills management, is the entire process of assigning, assessing, and tracking the knowledge, skills, and experience required to perform specific activities. 

With Kahuna, organizations have an objective way of ranking and measuring employees against the training and learning that is being performed throughout the organization. Objectivity matters in your employee development programs as it clears the path for more detailed and accurate workforce planning.


SaaS Competency Management System

Solving For The Full Life-cycle Of Competency Management


Create competency role profiles to meet your organization's needs.


Flexible assignment profile rule engine allow your HR data to drive assignments.


Access all your assessments in one place.

Gap Closure

Deep-dive into individual profiles to view gaps and partial proficiency completion.


Prioritize competency gaps with integrated development plans.


Gain key insights to make better decisions with interactive analytics.

Competency Management for Multiple Users



  • What is expected of me and what skills gaps should I focus on?
  • Who in the organization has a similar background as mine and available to mentor me?
  • What is the next step in my career and how do I get there?​


  • How do I empower my employees to drive their own continued development?
  • How can I communicate what I expect my employees to know and do?
  • How do I know which employees are best suited for an upcoming job?


  • Does my workforce meet our current and future needs? 
  • How should I optimize my learning and development budget? 
  • Is my workforce aligned to our strategic goals? 

“Kahuna has enabled us to have a much better understanding of our workforce...and help us staff up projects faster and more effectively.”

David Holberry, VP engineering, OneSubsea

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