Modern Skills and

Competency Management Software

Skills at Scale
Trust in User Proficiency Data
Iterative Workforce Development
Integrated Into the Flow of Work
Team Matrix

The team matrix is a single pane of glass view of your team’s skill assessments and gaps.

  • Actionable detailed team skill heatmap
  • Managers can quickly gauge their team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Quickly search for employees with required skills
Employee Dashboard

Individual status overview brings all the employee’s skills assignments and to-dos into a single view. The employee can quickly focus on their gaps, newly assigned skills, and expected level for their role.

  • Highlight what skills have been assigned to the employee
  • Provide clarity for employee focus areas
  • Help employees understand skill gaps and associated learning resources to address them
Assessment Form

Flexible form that is utilized to assign and perform an assessment of employees.

  • Enable blended assessments with multiple levels, descriptors, inputs, workflow stages, and assessors through flexible assessment forms
  • Utilize multiple assessment approaches:
    • Observational checklists
    • Quiz
    • On-the-job
    • Experiential
    • Learning inference

“We are now able to identify critical talent and capabilities that are essential to the long-term success of our organization. [There is] increased transparency and shortened time to determine development priorities. We now also have

[skills assessment] 

data to support our priority areas and can make decisions on data and evidence rather than on opinion and current state. This data has proven critical due to how essential our people are to our organization’s success now and in the future. We can not only identify the development needs currently but also identify emerging skills that become essential to future growth.”

– Global Talent & Learning Technology Manager, Aggreko

Assignment Workbench

The skill library displays a parent-child taxonomy of skills, competencies, qualifications, and certifications. Administrators can view and manage their team and all of the skill roles currently assigned.

  • Utilize a flexible and deep skills library data model that enables multiple skill libraries with differing attributes, verification, workflows, assessors, and more
  • Leverage granular assignment capabilities that detach skills from job codes and allow assignment across multiple roles
  • Manage exemptions for individuals or groups
Talent Finder

Allow users to search for employees that match job criteria with specific attributes.

  • Query all validated skills data, learning and training completions, and experiences tracked in Kahuna
  • Quickly find the right talent to meet current and future workforce demands
Capability Planning

Create future demand scenarios and measure the current workforce skills supply.

  • Use skill data to understand the skill deficits or overages
  • Create action and development plans to reskill and close skill gaps

Mobile App

Quickly navigate the assessment process within a streamlined application and focus on assessment activities.

  • Create a hands-free experience when finding users or completing assessments with voice recognition
  • Use with Android or iOS devices
  • Access online or offline



Kahuna integrates directly with leading applications so you can get the most of your entire HR and operations tech stack.