Modern Skills Management Software

Skills at Scale
Trust in User Proficiency Data
Iterative Workforce Development
Integrated Into the Flow of Work

Team Matrix

The team matrix is a single pane of glass view of your team’s skill assessments and gaps.

  • Actionable detailed team skill heatmap
  • Managers can quickly gauge their team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Quickly search for employees with required skills

Employee Dashboard

Individual status overview brings all the employee’s skills assignments and to-dos into a single view. The employee can quickly focus on their gaps, newly assigned skills, and expected level for their role.

  • Highlight what skills have been assigned to the employee
  • Provide clarity for employee focus areas
  • Help employees understand skill gaps and associated learning resources to address them

Assessment Form

Flexible form that is utilized to assign and perform an assessment of employees.

  • Enable blended assessments with multiple levels, descriptors, inputs, workflow stages, and assessors through flexible assessment forms
  • Utilize multiple assessment approaches:
    • Observational checklists
    • Quiz
    • On-the-job
    • Experiential
    • Learning inference

Assignment Workbench

The skill library displays a parent-child taxonomy of skills, competencies, qualifications, and certifications. Administrators can view and manage their team and all of the skill roles currently assigned.

  • Utilize a flexible and deep skills library data model that enables multiple skill libraries with differing attributes, verification, workflows, assessors, and more
  • Leverage granular assignment capabilities that detach skills from job codes and allow assignment across multiple roles
  • Manage exemptions for individuals or groups

Talent Finder

Allow users to search for employees that match job criteria with specific attributes.

  • Query all validated skills data, learning and training completions, and experiences tracked in Kahuna
  • Quickly find the right talent to meet current and future workforce demands

Capability Planning

Create future demand scenarios and measure the current workforce skills supply.

  • Use skill data to understand the skill deficits or overages
  • Create action and development plans to reskill and close skill gaps