Technical Skills Assessments

Field Service organizations deploy their personnel for jobs often related to the operation, installation, repair, and maintenance of specialized equipment. To ensure safety and quality, both customers and industry regulators require validated proof of skills, competence, training, and certification before technical resources can be admitted on the job site.

Field Services Skills Management Kahuna
Reduce time to revenue with 15-30% reduction in onboarding time to role readiness.
Receive higher customer satisfaction and reduction in cost of poor quality.
Use skills data for efficient scheduling and dispatching.
Align your workforce ahead of customer demand to capture market share, win work, and retain customers.
Field Services Kahuna Skills Management

Track, manage, and ensure safety and compliance of your workforces’ technical skills

Address the complexity of Field Service Competency Assurance requirements with a flexible data model.

Target assignments based on equipment, customer, location, etc.

Utilize rich data for skill and competency assessments.

Allow managers, SMEs , etc. to assess employee skills.

Focus onboarding and training to job-critical skill gaps

Personalize and target training requirements with Kahuna’s role framework instead of across-the-board training curricula. 

Shorten the time to competence using trusted field experience data to advance competency proficiency.

Field Services Kahuna Skills Management
Field Services Kahuna Skills Management

Schedule and dispatch based on skills data

Utilize both competency proficiency data and role readiness data integrated with your scheduling system to schedule the right crew for the right job.

Quickly adapt your workforce to meet changing demands

Forecast your skills demand and evaluate your current skills supply in Kahuna’s capability planning workbench for targeted skills gap closure or recruitment.

Field Services Kahuna Skills Management

field services skills management standards for regulatory bodies

Skills and competency for heavy industry are key with regulatory and industry-standard organizations. Kahuna’s skills management system allows you to weave in industry-standard safety and compliance alongside your competency framework, allowing the compliance process to become part of the standard operating procedure within your organization.

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