Skills Management Software for Field Services

Schedule and Dispatch Qualified Individuals

Adapt your workforce to meet changing customer and operational requirements with validated skills data as your guide. Understand skills gaps, reskill and upskill strategically, increase productivity, and dispatch qualified teams to ensure safety and quality are top of mind on the job site. Get work done on the frontline with Kahuna’s validated skills data.

Field Services Skills Management Software
Reduce time to revenue with 15-30% reduction in onboarding time to role readiness.
Receive higher customer satisfaction and reduction in cost of poor quality.
Use skills data for efficient scheduling and dispatching.
Align your workforce ahead of customer demand to capture market share, win work, and retain customers.
Track manage and ensure safety and compliance of your workforces technical skills

Track, manage, and ensure safety and compliance of your workforces’ technical skills

Address the complexities of field service competency assurance requirements with Kahuna’s flexible data model. Target user assignments, training, and experiences based on specific equipment, customers, or locations. Allow managers, SMEs or other designated assessors to sign off on skill proficiency.

Focus onboarding and training to job-critical skill gaps

Use Kahuna’s role framework to personalize training requirements and target employee skills gaps. Shorten time to competence using trust field experience data to advance competency proficiency.

Focus onboarding and training to job-critical skill gaps
"The Kahuna Skills management solution in and of itself is absolutely a game changer for any organization that has a need to closely track and monitor the development of their employees skills, certifications, licenses or qualifications and align those to operational excellence."
- ED, Global Resource Ops
"Software is intuitive for end users, powerful for administrators, and operates flawlessly. Outstanding support. Great software, integrates perfectly with our other systems and outstanding support/customer service. Robust competency management for field workers."
- Director Training & Competency
"Gold Standard for competency management. The support given by the Kahuna team was second to none, and with a user group working together with the Kahuna team that has been designed and developed to formulate the future development of the Kahuna system and also to assist users."
- Global Training & Competency
Schedule and dispatch based on skills data

Schedule and dispatch based on skills data

Integrate competency proficiency and role readiness data with your scheduling systems to schedule the right crew for the right job.

Quickly adapt your workforce to meet changing demands

Forecast your skills demand and evaluate your current skills supply in Kahuna’s capability planning workbench for targeted skills gap closure or recruitment.

Quickly adapt your workforce to meet changing demands

field services skills management standards for regulatory bodies

Skills and competency for heavy industry are key with regulatory and industry-standard organizations. Kahuna’s skills management system allows you to weave in industry-standard safety and compliance alongside your competency framework, allowing the compliance process to become part of the standard operating procedure within your organization.

Kahuna is a proud member of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council