Manufacturing Skills Training

Manufacturing organizations are undergoing massive changes to production lines, warehouse management, and logistics functions, largely due to Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, a shifting talent market, and economic disruptions. Organizational and workforce agility is key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Ensuring your workforce is operating with the right skills enables reliability, safety, and quality to continue trending up as industry changes accelerate.

Manufacturing Skills Management Kahuna
Meet fluctuating demand for talent.
Reduce and control cost of poor quality.
Minimize threat of future disruptions.
Diminish risk and impacts of HSE incidents.
Mitigate non-compliance risk.
Manufacturing Skills Management Kahuna

Focus training and upskilling efforts on critical skills gaps.

Use Kahuna’s validated proficiency records to inform upskilling, reskilling, and cross-training needs and shorten time to overall productivity. As individuals progress in their development journeys, understand technical competence levels with current and future development role insights.

Standardize and streamline skills management business processes

Assign skill and competency requirements based on plant location, equipment, production lines, or facilities with Kahuna’s flexible data model. Leverage the mobile functionality to record skills assessments regardless of location or internet accessibility.

Manufacturing Skills Management Kahuna
Manufacturing Skills Management Kahuna

Support staffing of dynamic production lines

Identify talent meeting specific requirements with Kahuna’s Talent Finder. Understand what skills and capabilities are available across the workforce at each facility with Kahuna’s badging integration. 

Use insight into proficiency levels to inform critical staffing decisions

Gain insight into the distribution of critical skills at an individual employee level across plant locations, facilities, distribution lines, and regions with Kahuna’s reporting and analytics. 

Manufacturing Skills Management Kahuna
Manufacturing Skills Management Kahuna

Leverage workforce capability insights and evaluate opportunities to shift production and reduce supply network dependence

Forecast your skills demand and evaluate your current skills supply in Kahuna’s capability planning workbench for targeted skills gap closure or recruitment based on current and future technologies and operational processes.

Upskill to enable the adoption of technological advancements

Prioritize and track specific skills, competencies, and development activities for individuals within Kahuna’s Capability Development plans.

Manufacturing Skills Management Kahuna

Build robust manufacturing training programs informed by skills data

Use Kahuna’s skills and training capability matrix to determine your organization’s readiness for smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives.