Nursing Competency Management

Healthcare organizations are under pressure to provide consistent, high-quality care at the lowest possible cost. However, their nursing competency management processes for orientation, annual assessments, and staffing are inefficient. Visibility into validated skills data helps establish nursing competence throughout the organization.

Nursing Competency Management Kahuna
Reduce total spend on orientation, assessments, and administrative reporting.
Execute cost-efficient TJC audits with zero findings.
Increase nursing staff retention with competency-driven career management tools.
Maintain consistent quality of care.
Kahuna Nursing Competency Management

Digitize orientation and annual assessments for nurses & caregivers

Gain visibility into the assessment progress at an individual level through a personalized competency profile, a team level through a matrixed view of assessment statuses, or at a unit level through reporting and analytics.

Assign relevant competencies based on roles and responsibilities.

Streamline the identification of qualified preceptors and coordination of competency assignments.

Promote accountability with defined workflows that use relevant validation methods.

Prepare for Joint Commission audits and regulatory surveys

Track proof of nursing competence for TJC compliance in detail with a flexible data model.

Regulate the assessment processes executed by qualified assessors.

Ensure regulated roles have the right coverage of requirements through standard skill and role assignment logic.

Gain insight into competence at a unit and system level with reporting and analytics.

Kahuna Nursing Competency Management
Kahuna nursing competence

Determine nursing competence with validated bedside experiences

Advance nurse competence with trusted experience data integrated from the EHR, reducing overall time to competence through on-the-job experience rather than a training-only approach.

Reduce redundant assessments on skills routinely performed by specifying requirements to be completed upon recertification, and linking these to the validated experience records captured in an EHR.

"Great company to work with! Great customer service. Always a prompt reply to questions or concerns. Better transparency for all those involved in the professional development of our nurses."
- NICU NPD Practitioner
“I like the ability to see my team status in a single pane. Their dashboard is helpful in gap closure planning. Kahuna integrates skill data with our other software. It's a great platform all-around.”
- Clinical Operations & Ed
“Kahuna enables us to standardize our clinical skills and nurse competency management processes while giving us flexibility in how we assign, assess, and develop our clinical staff in a variety of roles.”
- Informatics Manager, PD

Concentrate orientation efforts on assessing gaps in competence for transfer nurses

Personalize and target requirements with Kahuna’s role framework rather than using broad non-specific curricula.

Utilize historical assessment records from nurses’ prior roles to give credit for previously attained skills and competence.

Employ your content library of roles and competencies as the cross-functional foundation of a nursing competency management program, giving credit to each nurse for the skill requirement regardless of their placement in the organization.

Kahuna nurse competency
Nursing Kahuna Skills Management

Cross-train and deploy skilled nurses for unexpected personnel shortfalls

Fill resource gaps with qualified nurses by searching specific skills and attributes in Kahuna’s Talent Finder.

Understand skill gaps at the unit and system level with reporting and analytics.

Advance your workforce ahead of industry changes by evaluating your current state of skills, creating demand for needed nursing competence, and understanding who to develop with the capability planning workbench.

Define and track actions for targeted upskilling with individual development plans.

Strategically upskill nurses and mobilize in line with dynamic healthcare environments

Forecast skills demand, create personalized development plans for caregivers and nurses and manage progress to target skills through the capability planning analytics in Kahuna.

Instill ownership through self-assessments and development plans, which supports ANCC’s Pathway to Excellence Program commitment to creating an environment that empowers and engages staff.

Kahuna Nurse competence

Kahuna’s Nursing Competency Management Supports Your Magnet® Journey

New Knowledge, Innovation, and Improvements

Share information quickly amongst team members with Kahuna's agile competency creation and assignment.

Transformational Leadership

Build on existing job-specific skills while enhancing leadership development across the organization.

Empirical Quality Results

Assign annual nursing competencies based on KPIs and patient quality data.


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