Kahuna Brings Scalability and Optimized Performance to its Operational Skills Management Software

Kahuna’s skills management software enhancements reimagine how customers approach operational skilling throughout energy, field service, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Kahuna Workforce Solutions, the leading provider of operational skills management software, announces the release of a new user experience for its flagship product. These enhancements feature a modern and intuitive interface, scalable technology for big data insights, and increased performance and functionality for customers across the globe. 

Skills Management Software Deployed Globally

Deployed in more than 75 countries, Kahuna helps customers in complex operational environments such as energy, manufacturing, field service, and healthcare understand and validate workforce skills; create targeted training and development programs to close skills gaps; identify and deploy qualified individuals; and align workforce capability with operational processes and business needs.


The Team Matrix provides a single view into the skills, competencies, and experiences of your workforce in Kahuna’s skills tracking system. Managers can quickly gauge strengths and weaknesses, and search for employees with specific skills.

“This release is a comprehensive reimagination of our skills management software, designed and built to enhance the product’s existing robust functionality and to deliver exceptional value to our users,” said Tom White, VP of Product at Kahuna. “Understanding our customer needs, pain points, and processes in Kahuna were key drivers in our enhancement decisions. We incorporated their feedback and industry best practices to craft a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and technically more capable of scaling with our users and their data.”

Responsive and Intuitive for Quicker Access to Validated Skills Data

The design, anchored in responsiveness, showcases a more contemporary look and feel, ensuring optimal viewability across various screen sizes and device types. To streamline workflows, clicks are minimized so that users can reach key features and functionalities quickly. Additionally, new event-based notifications surface critical updates to ensure all users stay informed and up-to-date. Improved filtering capabilities, hover text, and legends facilitate easier use for operational skills management and quicker adoption for new users learning the skills platform.


The Employee Dashboard gives employees a single view of what’s expected of them in their job roles and provides insights into development opportunities to close skills gaps.

“Driven by customer obsession, we invested in transforming our platform with a cloud-native microservices architecture,” said Sadia Mukhtar Lin, VP of Engineering. “This transformation prioritizes user-centric design, resulting in streamlined workflows, improved data accessibility, and easier navigation. With a responsive user experience and faster search capabilities, our customers can access and explore data effortlessly. The redesign also enhances the platform’s reliability and scalability, enabling us to meet market demands effectively. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has led to a modular, reliable, and scalable skills management software that paves the way for future innovations.”

Flagship Features and Functionality Built to Scale

Kahuna’s flagship functionality and features, such as the Team Matrix, Development Plans, and Flexible Assessment Forms, all remain central to the top skills management platform but with enhanced usability. “As our customers curate, assign, assess, and develop their workforce skills, it is our priority to simplify these processes,” said Tom White.

“We are inspired every day by our customers and how they’re applying Kahuna to solve their operational skilling needs. They’re streamlining business processes, proving compliance, prioritizing safety, ensuring quality, and controlling operational costs with Kahuna’s validated skills data,” said Jai Shah, Kahuna CEO. “We are dedicated to providing the best tools, functionality, and features for our customers as they solve these business challenges, and Kahuna’s enhancements are a testament to that dedication. These product upgrades pave the way for Kahuna, now and in the future.”

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