Odfjell Technology Implements Kahuna Skills Management

With safety as a top priority, Odfjell Technology’s implementation of Kahuna skills management ensures competence assurance in all daily operations.

Houston, TX – August 8, 2023 – Odfjell Technology is an integrated supplier for offshore operations, well services technology, and engineering solutions prioritizing the delivery of safe, efficient, and sustainable operations while reducing time, cost, and carbon emissions. With the implementation of Kahuna’s skills management software, Odfjell Technology advances the culture of safety across its global workforce population. 

Odfjell Technology is a people business where a robust safety culture is a key ingredient to its success. They are committed to preventing harm to their people’s health and safety and believe that all accidents can be prevented. Their overall QHSE Strategy is to maintain and further develop safe operations by constantly driving continuous improvement toward zero injuries and failures.

“Commitment, Safety Consciousness, Competence, Creativity, and Result Orientation are our core values at Odfjell Technology. Standardizing our competency management processes with Kahuna’s skills management platform ensures we are consistently aligned with occupational health and safety, including environmental policies and regulations, required for safe operations,” said Lise Budeng, Global Training and Competency Assurance Specialist at Odfjell Technology. “Assuring competency at all levels and ensuring safe operations is vital for Odfjell Technology. By implementing Kahuna, Odfjell Technology standardizes and improves the efficiency of its competency management process to ensure employees are skilled and compliant in their job environment.”

“Kahuna also gives us the possibility to plan for and assure our employee’s professional growth and competence improvement. The integration functionality Kahuna provides with our existing systems, enables us to easily extract data to make more informed decisions for increased operational efficiency and safety,” said Lise Budeng.

“Understanding the skills, certifications, and compliance data of an operational workforce is a tedious and complex task without a centralized system to manage, measure, and validate the data,” said Jai Shah, CEO of Kahuna. “With Kahuna, Odfjell Technology can identify what their operational workforce is capable of, integrate industry-standard safety, compliance, and competence assurance into the everyday operating environment, and be agile in serving customers safely and efficiently each time.”