Yinson Holdings Berhad Deploys Kahuna Skills Management

With Kahuna’s skills management platform, Yinson can ensure the health, safety, and compliance of its fleet workforce population to ensure offshore competency assurance.

Houston, TX – June 6, 2023 – Yinson Holdings Berhad’s (“Yinson” or the “Group”) focus on operational health and safety is solidified with their deployment of Kahuna’s SaaS skills management software across the fleet workforce population for offshore production.

Yinson was recently listed as an ‘ESG Industry Top Rated Company’ by global ESG Risk Rating agency, Morningstar Sustainalytics. As one of the core sustainability principles that governs Yinson’s operations, the organization strives to champion human rights and human capital development through operational health and safety, employee rights and benefits, anti-discrimination, and training and development. Kahuna’s skills management software supports this mission, ensuring Yinson can prioritize the health, safety, and quality of the fleet workforce, and solidify regulatory compliance as standard operating procedure in the day-to-day work environment for the offshore production population.

“Employing Kahuna across our fleet workforce has removed the manual process of tracking skills, certifications, training, and compliance requirements. We now have complete visibility into the current capabilities of each employee, where skills gaps exist, what certifications or compliance requirements may soon lapse, and we can provide targeted training programs to ensure offshore competency assurance,” said Paal Ødegaard, Head of Crewing at Yinson Production. “The skills data that Kahuna provides enables us to strategically deploy our resources, certifying to customers and regulatory bodies that each technician is licensed to operate on the job site.”

“Yinson’s focus on operational health and safety fully aligns with Kahuna’s purpose of operational skills management in highly regulated environments,” said Jai Shah, CEO of Kahuna. “With validated skills data, Yinson can make more informed workforce decisions, support their employees in development processes, improve the quality of operations, increase satisfaction among customers and stakeholders, and engrain competency assurance into the daily operational practices of the organization.”

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