Do you know the skills DNA of your workforce?

Why Should You Settle for the Status Quo?

Traditional Skilling Programs Fail Majority of the Time

Let’s face it, competency and skills initiatives have too often failed to deliver on their promise. Relying on traditional approaches such as including behavioral competencies in your annual performance review or rolling out generic learning content is not going to get it done.

Some have recognized this and jumped straight to new approaches based solely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and learning experience with no validation of baseline skills or proficiencies to serve as an anchor. Modern platforms must contain high-fidelity skills data for a skills initiative to deliver business impact and make the most of the learning journey.


Go Above the Standard with REALskilling

Kahuna is Changing the Outcome of the Learning Journey Through REALskilling

REALskilling helps your organization find its skills DNA, a transparent view into the skill makeup of your workforce. REALskilling allows you to replicate the skills and competencies most important to making your workforce competitive by emphasizing the learning and experiences that are proven to be most effective. 


REAL skills. REAL data. REAL results.

Gain Confidence from Your Data and Establish a Competitive Advantage

Tied to Operational Outcomes

Achieve operational excellence with a focus on safety, reliability, and quality. Reduce the time it takes for employee autonomy and revenue production. Increase the ROI on your training investments.

Kahuna REALskilling Tied to Operational Outcomes​
Kahuna REALskilling Integrated Into Operational Processes

Integrated Into Operational Processes

Weave skills and competency management into the scheduling and deployment of your resources. Kahuna integrates with your existing systems, so you know how and where to deploy your workforce.

Addresses Technical and Functional Skills

Specify both technical and functional skills and competencies that are important for the way your organization works, ensuring your workforce capability is fully aligned with operational goals.

Addressing Technical and Functional Skills​
Agile and Continuous Iteration of Workforce Capability

Agile and Continuous Iteration of Workforce Capability

Enable an agile, adaptable workforce with real data in real time. Your business – and your workforce – is constantly evolving. Skills and competencies are not a one and done approach.

Comprehensive and Inclusive

Make critical decisions with rich data that encompasses the skills, competencies, certifications, learning, and experiences of your workforce.

Comprehensive and Inclusive

Ready to REALskill?