Quantify Your Nurse Orientation and Assessment Processes


Quantify Your Nurse Orientation and Assessment Processes with a Saas Competency Management System Healthcare organizations are facing a number of challenges. Leadership and clinical education teams are certainly feeling the burden as they try to tackle business initiatives on reduced operating budgets. One consistent theme we’ve heard this year from systems nation-wide is how critical […]

Townhall: How Clinical Education Practitioners Took Immediate Action During COVID-19


As we all know, COVID-19 has dramatically impacted many operational aspects of health systems across the United States and globally. Possibly the most critical area is that of clinical operations and education. Listen as ANPD and Kahuna Workforce Solutions lead a panel of clinical education practitioners to discuss how their teams have been impacted and […]

Respiratory Therapists: The Unsung Heroes


In light of COVID-19, we saw a surge in the need for ventilators and respiratory therapists. Jai Shah, Kahuna’s Co-founder and CEO, had the opportunity to sit down with a team at Intermountain Healthcare responsible for the development and deployment of respiratory therapists within the organization. Throughout the interview, we learned about the essential role […]

Telehealth Usage Is Rising and Increasing the Need for Digitization


Technology has been a trend this year. The many forms of it have allowed us to stay connected in countless ways. Most of us have relied on it while being away from family and friends, to check in with coworkers while working remotely, and to support our favorite restaurants in our cities with online ordering. […]

Using Competency Management to Staff Up Nurses Amid COVID-19


Subscribe: Apple |  Spotify | TuneIn | YouTube Suggest a Topic Welcome to CompetencyCorner, a podcast to equipping HR and learning and development professionals with industry tools and news to prepare your workforce for the future. Unlock the power of your teams to reach your full potential with our competency experts. Jai: 0:15 Hi. I’m […]