Skills for the New Reality of Work

One dilemma facing organizations as they prepare to open their physical offices again is whether the last 3 months have fundamentally changed the way we work and if so, what skills may be critical to thrive in a new working model. The COVID-19 shutdown has forced us to face the reality that we have not always cultivated the key skills and competencies that allow for success in any environment. The rapid move to a virtual working environment really emphasized:

– What skills and competencies are critical to the business?
– What is our baseline employee proficiency for these skills?
– How can we assess and manage the impact of change in a rapid manner?

This webinar will contemplate strategies for gaining an understanding of these critical questions and understanding the fundamental skills and competencies critical in any working environment.

Jai-Shah-KahunaJai Shah is the CEO and Co-founder of Kahuna. He has a successful 20+ year track record applying technology to better connect human resources to real-world problems with a particular focus on organizational development. Among his successful customers are several Fortune 500 companies.