Skills Management System Sample RFP

Finding the right skills management software solution to meet your organizational needs can be tricky. 

We’ve put together a skills management system RFP that can help streamline this process, offering our most frequently asked questions as a guide for you to use in your software search and evaluation. 

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Find the Right Skills Management Software for Your Frontline Workforce

This sample RFP template is designed to help you capture the most important information regarding a skills management platform‘s features, functionality, and technical specifications. As your organization searches for the right skills platform for your business, ensure the solution supports your skills-based strategies with robust skills tracking and assessment to validate your frontline workforce skills and capabilities, comprehensive analytics to guide talent and operational decisions, and a flexible data model that can integrate with your existing technology solutions for a consistent feedback loop of people and operational data.

Key Features

Ensure the skills software enables comprehensive skills tracking, granular assessments, personalized development plans, and analytics to inform talent and operational decisions.


Verify the skills management system allows seamless two-way data flow between your HR, L&D, and Operations technology systems, and supports single sign-on to simplify user access.

User Functionality

Explore how users across the business, including frontline employees, managers, and leaders, can interact with the skills management software and what the user-capabilities are at each level.

Reporting & Analytics

Confirm the skills platform provides extensive reporting and dashboard capabilities with analysis options for specific organizational units, locations, plants, etc.

Technical Specs

Validate that the skills system supports robust API integrations, role-based permissions, multiple languages, cross-device functionality, and strong data security features.

Implementation & Support

Understand how the skills management software company will support the project timeline, allocated resources, and strategy during implementation and beyond.

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