Kahuna Enters Into Collaboration With Mayo Clinic To Transform Clinical Orientation and Digitized Competency Management

Kahuna’s competency management platform combined with Mayo Clinic’s TSAM® Orientation Model will generate a starting point for health systems looking to digitize their competency management processes.

Kahuna Competency Management and Mayo Clinic TSAM Content Collaboration

Enhance Nurse Education and Clinical Orientation with TSAM®

Kahuna, the leading skills and competency management software, has entered into a copyright and know-how agreement with Mayo Clinic to deploy a virtual platform for enhanced nurse education materials.

The TSAM® Model is a structured approach to clinical orientation, allowing preceptees to learn and master tiers of skills alongside a preceptor in the clinical setting. This methodology exposes preceptees to a full patient load from the beginning of orientation and adjusts orientation to the individual’s learning needs. Studies have cited how the TSAM® Model increases nurse confidence, role satisfaction and nurse retention, reduces the overall orientation length, and increases the number of patient experiences for each preceptee.

Increase Knowledge and Skills Retention for Nurses

“We know nurse leaders and educators are searching for ways to make their orientation and onboarding programs more efficient while increasing knowledge and skills retention,” said Jai Shah, CEO of Kahuna. “This collaboration aims to introduce a complete solution for organizations looking to digitize nursing competency management with two industry-leading products.” 

“We are sharing the expertise of our staff and the tools we’ve created with and for direct care nursing teams. Mayo Clinic Nursing aims to share our learnings globally to enhance the professional growth of nurses and improve patient care,” said Denise Rismeyer, DNP, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, Director of the Continuing Nursing Education Program at Mayo Clinic. “The TSAM® Model enhances clinical experiences and learning opportunities for preceptees during the orientation process. This exposes them to real patient scenarios alongside their preceptor and individualizes the outcome to their specific learning needs.”

Mayo Clinic has a financial interest in the technology referenced in this press release. Mayo Clinic will use any revenue it receives to support its not-for-profit mission in patient care, education, and research.

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