Amplifire and Kahuna Collaborate to Provide Better Learning Experiences Through Targeted Skills Competency Training

Kahuna and Amplifire partner together to enable robust skills tracking and more effective learning and training experiences for workforce development initiatives.

Seamlessly Track Skills and Elevate Learning and Training for the Workforce

Amplifire, the leading adaptive eLearning and content development platform, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Kahuna, the leading skills management software, to revolutionize training in a new age of workforce development. Combining Amplifire’s unparalleled adaptive, brain science-based learning algorithm and AI-powered content with Kahuna’s digitized skills management platform, this partnership aims to facilitate seamless skills tracking, elevated educational content development, and faster, more effective training. 

Amplifire’s collaboration with Kahuna will provide a robust, end-to-end learning and competency offering, equipping organizations with deeper visibility into validated skills data and enabling granular tracking of workforce competence. Jointly, Amplifire and Kahuna reduce the administrative burden associated with tracking requirements, eliminate redundancies and time wasted by respecting learners’ expertise, and ensure individuals are empowered with the right skills to give themselves and the business a competitive edge.

Leverage Cutting-Edge Learning Content and Skills Management Tools

“At Kahuna we are deeply committed to empowering organizations with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of today’s technical and frontline workforce challenges,” said Jai Shah, CEO of Kahuna. “Our partnership with Amplifire marks a step forward in this mission, as it allows us to leverage their cutting-edge adaptive learning content alongside our skills management platform to enable more connected and informed workforce decision-making in line with business needs.”

Bob Burgin, CEO of Amplifire, asserted, “In partnering with Kahuna, we’re crafting a powerful tool poised to drive tangible advancements in workforce development. Together, we’re enabling organizations to tackle workforce challenges in a dynamic and unprecedented way, housing the best solutions in one offering. But more than that, we’re opening the door to work together on many key verticals.” 

Empower Frontline Workforce Development and Training

Based on current use cases, the partnership is already yielding results for accreditation requirement fulfillment, administrative burden reduction, deep insights into learner knowledge, misunderstandings, and struggles, as well as empowerment and guidance for career advancement. 

The collaboration with Kahuna is part of a broader initiative by Amplifire to invest in innovative and effective workforce development solutions. By combining forces with Kahuna, Amplifire aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of workforce training.