Build a more skilled workforce.

The only skills management software built for operations, learning, and human resources.





Field Services




“We need a more rigorous way to manage, measure, certify, and validate operational skills.”



Skills Management Tool for HR and Operations

Modernize Nurse Orientation and Annual Assessments

Learn how to lead with compassion and courage.

Create a skills management proposal more efficiently.

Develop, digitize, and standardize your skills.

Skills Management Software

Built for workforces across the industries

Quickly adapt your workforce to meet changing demands

Build and deploy global teams based on skills and capabilities to optimize the project life cycle, while developing your current critical skills supply to meet the forecasted demands of the industry and your customers.

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Kahuna Nursing Competency Management

Digitize your skills and competency data for consistent orientation, assessments, audits, and training and development based on the latest standard of care. Multi-skill your caregivers to support flexibility in your staffing.

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Build skilled and compliant teams to meet fluctuating talent demands, while reducing cost of poor quality and diminishing the risk and impacts of HSE incidents.

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Field Service Technical Skills Assessments​

Increase margins with reduced onboarding and reskilling time while delivering high service quality. Place the right worker in the right job and align your workforce ahead of customer demand.

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Operational Excellence with Skills Management

Achieve operational resiliency and agility with a more strategic way of tracking and validating employee skills, abilities, and experiences. Kahuna is the only skills management software that connects HR, Learning, and Operations teams together.

Whether in the field, at the bedside, or on the plant floor, Kahuna’s flexibility is unmatched in capturing the rigor associated with how work is actually performed. Eliminate disparate spreadsheets, visualize your workforce skills, understand skills gaps, train strategically, mobilize talent, and plan for the future of work with Kahuna.


“I have worked with various competency assessment systems for many years. Kahuna has provided the best and is the easiest platform I have seen. The customer service is at another level. I have never seen this level of commitment from a provider. The team I have worked with from Kahuna has taken the time to really show us the program and also helped us understand how the system can improve different aspects of our business.”

– Administrator in Oil & Energy


Develop, standardize, and digitize your skills

Download Kahuna’s how-to guide and build a comprehensive skills framework that fully represents the needs of your business.