Putting Workforce Competency to Work

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Jai Shah, Kahuna’s Co-founder and CEO, and Tom White, Kahuna’s Vice President of Product Management, join Christopher Lind from Learning Tech Talks in this session, Putting Workforce Competency To Work.

Regardless of what you call them, skills and competencies are fundamental elements that guide your talent strategy and provide the framework required for managing employee skills.

However, managing skills and competencies well takes more than a fancy chart that looks nice on a PowerPoint slide. It requires comprehensive tech capability that allows organizations to create and assess the frameworks while assessing where employees are, and designing a path that gets them where they need to be.

While you’re not alone if you’re not currently using technology to manage the competencies and skills of your employees and unlock the power of a competent workforce, it’s a gap that’s too important to ignore.

Join us as we define what it means to manage skills and competencies, and why this critical step will help solve the skills dilemma at the apex of every organization’s priority list in Putting Workforce Competency To Work.

Ready to unlock the power of a competent workforce and REALskill with Kahuna? Get started.

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