Kahuna Partners with SEMPcheck

Houston, TX – May 11, 2020 – Kahuna Workforce Solutions and SEMPCheck announce a strategic partnership to offer a wider breadth of solutions focused on risk mitigation and competency management for upstream, midstream, and downstream energy sectors.

Kahuna enables those working the day-to-day operations to assign, assess, track, and manage the performance and skill sets of an organization’s workforce, ultimately weaving in the industry-standard safety and compliance into the competency framework. For over two decades, SEMPCheck has proven its expertise in the oil and gas industry, helping organizations ensure they are compliant with industry and government safety regulations through real-time performance monitoring of organizational assets.

“This partnership with Kahuna and SEMPCheck will enable organizations in the Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) industries to be proactive instead of reactive in the monitoring and proving of their compliance,” said Jai Shah, Kahuna Co-founder, and CEO. “Kahuna gives an overall view of the people profiles within the organization, while SEMPCheck will ensure operational excellence as organizations focus on risk management instead of crisis management.”

Paired together, Kahuna and SEMPCheck will ensure organizations have the knowledge and skills data needed to power their workforces efficiently and safely, meeting the required industry-standard regulations in an increasingly complex environment.

About SEMPCheck
For 20 years, SEMPCheck has integrated proprietary, configurable web-based software applications with internal quality control processes to provide process safety management, risk mitigation, and critical equipment monitoring services for the upstream, midstream, and downstream energy sectors. In addition to software applications, SEMPCheck offers a wide range of outsourcing services which include GasFind and infrared camera inspections. SEMPCheck’s combined risk management solutions drive operational excellence, resulting in smooth & efficient operations and reduction of risks for liabilities and catastrophic failure.

About Kahuna Workforce Solutions
Kahuna Workforce Solutions is the only skills management software built for operations, learning, and human resources. Kahuna equips enterprise organizations with validated skills data to understand workforce capability, align talent supply and demand, and increase the return on training investment. Across a wide array of industries including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and aerospace, Kahuna helps organizations build a more skilled, competitive workforce. For information visit www.kahunaworkforce.com.