Kahuna Partners with HRG

Houston, TX – August 19, 2020 – Kahuna Workforce Solutions and High Reliability Group (HRG) announce a partnership combining Kahuna’s proven SaaS platform with HRG’s organizational framework enabling organizations to create and sustain Operational Excellence.

Built with compliance and workforce management in mind, Kahuna gives enterprise-wide visibility into competencies and meets organizational needs of how they are really assigned, assessed, and managed. Ultimately, Kahuna’s platform ensures organizations have complete visibility and control, empowering complex organizations to place the right worker in the right job at the right time – one hundred percent of the time. HRG’s foundational framework is based on using the principles of the US Nuclear Navy to help clients in highly complex and potentially dangerous operational environments transform into High Reliability Organizations (HRO).

“Customers often ask for recommendations regarding their operating models and competency frameworks. HRG’s approach and expertise to ensure management systems, culture, leadership, and feedback all work together is a natural fit for our customer base,” said Jai Shah, Kahuna Co-founder and CEO. “Kahuna allows organizations who adopt the HRG framework to better sustain their operational excellence initiatives by engaging participants and allowing organizations to track and measure progress.”

“To transform at scale into a High Reliability Organization, our clients are often in need of tools that will enable change across geographically and operationally diverse operations. Combining our proven HRO principles with the Kahuna platform gives our clients the ability to accelerate the implementation of these required changes to establish a more safe, efficient, and effective working environment,” said Bob Koonce, HRG Founder and President.

In highly regulated environments, mistakes can cost lives. By partnering together, Kahuna’s best-of-breed competency management platform and HRG’s model for High Reliability Organizations offer clients the framework and software to transform their operational culture and performance, improve productivity, and prioritize safety into ongoing reputable processes.

About High Reliability Group
High Reliability Group LLC was founded in 2016 to help our clients improve operations based on the principles of the US Nuclear Navy. Each one of our consultants has significant experience in the U.S. Nuclear Submarine Force or Nuclear Surface Navy along with post-Navy industry experience. We look forward to helping you on your journey to Extreme Operational Excellence.

About Kahuna Workforce Solutions
Kahuna Workforce Solutions is the only skills management software built for operations, learning, and human resources. Kahuna equips enterprise organizations with validated skills data to understand workforce capability, align talent supply and demand, and increase the return on training investment. Across a wide array of industries including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and aerospace, Kahuna helps organizations build a more skilled, competitive workforce. For information visit www.kahunaworkforce.com.