5 Reasons to Include Competency Management in Your Digital Strategy

Human Resources team preparing for the digital transformation
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Before we get started, let’s discuss the digital transformation. What is it? 

Human Resource operations and processes are moving “out of the spreadsheet.” Successful HR departments are becoming automated and data-driven, taking advantage of the latest technology to support an evolving workforce. While we refer to this change as the “Digital Transformation”… it’s really a fundamental change to the way we do business.

The future of work is creating a model where skills are the fundamental currency between the company, it’s customers and most importantly it’s workers. Are you prepared?

Here are five reasons you should include competency management as part of your digital strategy.

1. Competency Management Allows Companies to Align Workforce Planning with Strategic Goals

Does your workforce meet your company’s needs? A competency management system answers this question by helping you build a competency framework, create a competitive workforce, and win more business.

2. Understanding Competencies Helps Reduce Workforce Training Costs

You can implement the latest and greatest VR training program, but you’ll waste money if you don’t know what training each employee needs. With competency management, companies can quickly identify skills gaps and train specifically to employee needs.

3. Hire and Retain Top Talent

Do you have the right people to grow? What skills does your company lack? When you know your workforce, you know the answers … and take the best action. Do you need to hire someone new? Or, are the best candidates ripe for upskilling and reskilling opportunities?

4. Improve the Employee Experience

Today’s workforce wants to own their career path. With competency management, employers empower their workers to take control of their professional destiny. They can identify what skills they have, or lack … and determine what they need to learn to take the next career step.

5. Beat the Competition

Don’t lose out on a job or project because you misunderstood your companies capabilities. Competency analytics empowers executives with the data to make smart operational and talent decisions.

Are you ready to kick-start your competency management? We can help get your workforce ready for the digital transformation. Get in touch.

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