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Automate nurse orientation and reduce time to productivity with a comprehensive, digitized competency management platform

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Changing the Way Healthcare Institutions Assign, Assess, and Manage Competencies

Gone are the days of paper checklists that get lost in the shuffle and are disconnected from the processes and data that matter. Your competency data is a window into so much more. It’s time you got clarity and digitize your healthcare competency program.


Enabling integrated healthcare systems to track and manage their workforce capabilities to meet enterprise staffing needs.

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Kahuna Solves Multiple Use Cases Across Your Organization

Unlock the untapped value in your organization and lay the foundation for the future of healthcare resource development and staffing with a transparent competency program.

“This solution helps our staff work at the top of their license and gets them doing the work they’re qualified to do as quickly as possible.”

Tammy Richards, AVP, Professional Practice & Learning, Intermountain Healthcare

intermountain Healthcare Competency Framework

We are the exclusive providers of the Intermountain Healthcare’s Competency Framework. The framework is created and maintained by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. Having been through multiple Joint Commission Audits, it is fully validated with a remarkable zero remediation recommendations. 

Most importantly, it has been curated to support a “building block” approach to curricula, allowing for core development with supplemental disciplines supporting the way healthcare professionals advance and specialize in their careers. When it comes to transferring nurses, the building block approach forms the basis for massive efficiencies. Finally, the framework is in complete alignment to the future of clinical staffing models.

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Curated to reflect the evolving demands of healthcare, the content is frequently reviewed by clinicians in each given area of expertise to align with any regulatory changes from accreditation bodies. We’ve also applied best practices in competency development and maintenance from several competency models including Magnet, NCBI, Donna Wright, ATD, QSEN, and others.

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