Aggreko Selects Kahuna

With Kahuna, leaders can identify competency gaps and model workforce needs with real-time analytics to power decision-making.

Houston, Texas – Kahuna Workforce Solutions announced today that Aggreko, the leading supplier of power, heating, cooling, and compressed air equipment, selected Kahuna to increase visibility into talent management and development solutions for improved future business operations.

Aggreko’s experience means they plan ahead, putting systems in place that benefit their customer’s success. With Kahuna, they are putting people-centric technology in place that will enable them to manage their workforce of the future. The evolving energy market is facing trending changes such as demographic change, digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization. Ensuring Aggreko continues to have the people and skills to meet these rapidly changing environments is part of what sets them apart as a leader. Partnering with Kahuna will allow them to identify and develop their workforce skills for the future in over 100 countries.

Walter Davis, Aggreko’s Head of Talent and Learning Applications, confirms “Kahuna is an extension of our current competency management approach enhancing the overall process, delivery and management of assurance and development.” Jai Shah, Kahuna Workforce Solutions CEO, added, “Kahuna integrates with their existing LMS and ERP systems and supports multiple languages, Aggreko now has global visibility into the full lifecycle of competency assurance and development empowering them to quickly make decisions based on real-time analytics.”

“Clearly Aggreko has made a strong commitment to employee development. By powering their competency and skills programs with rich operational data, Aggreko is ensuring their workforce not only stays relevant well into the future but can also compete at the highest level,” Shah added. With over 2,000 technicians in the field, the need for a mobile application that supports in-field and offline assessments is critical to Aggreko’s business operations and to helping their customers improve productivity, manage power demands and plan for emergencies.

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