Waves 2020 Top 5 Takeaways

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1. There is a Competency Community

“…we are not in this alone. It was nice to hear the other companies’ competency journey; their challenges and wins.”

2. The Future is in Inferred Competence

“Capturing experience without having to conduct assessments/validations from past roles.”

3. Integration Matters

Kahuna “…can capture and migrate data from one system to another to allow the client the flexibility to use the data to make intelligent decisions on employee development and competencies.”

4. Flexible Product Architecture is Key

“…we all share common struggles in our diverse industries however we all find that this one system is the perfect fit. This speaks volumes for our decision to use Kahuna.”

5. We Can All Learn From Each Other

“…the inclusion of your present client testimonials and case scenarios were invaluable. Those really brought your system and services to a complete circle and tied off your overall conference.”


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