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Kahuna for Healthcare

Gone are the days of paper checklists that get lost in the shuffle and disconnected from the processes and data that matter. By automating nurse orientation, Kahuna is changing the way healthcare institutions assign, assess, and manage competencies.

With a competency framework that is created and maintained by healthcare professionals, your staff will do the work they’re qualified to do as quickly as possible.

Kahuna, enabling integrated healthcare systems to track and manage their workforce capabilities to meet enterprise staffing needs.

Kahuna for Heavy Industry

Across the heavy industries, Kahuna achieves something rare enabling those in the day-to-day operations to assign, assess, track, and manage the performance and competencies of teams across a plant or a larger geographic area.

With standards covered by leading regulatory bodies, you have complete visibility and control, empowering you to build highly qualified teams and ensure the safety of your workforce.

Tap into your full potential with Kahuna.

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