CLO Exchange


Jul 22 2020


1:20 pm - 2:20 pm

CLO Exchange

Kahuna is a proud sponsor of the CLO Exchange virtual event, where L&D Leaders of globally-recognized companies are driving their companies to success. At the conference, you will hear Kahuna’s Co-founder and CEO, Jai Shah, speak about the new reality of work and how the way we do our work has changed. Check out the session below and register for the event here.

Skills & Competencies for the New Reality of Work
One dilemma facing organizations as they prepare to open their physical offices again is whether the last 3 months have fundamentally changed the way we work and if so, what skills may be critical to thrive in a new working model. Some argue it has simply accelerated the movement to more virtual working environments. After all, digital transformation and global virtual project teams have been a “thing” for quite some time now.

What is clear is that the COVID shutdown has forced us to face the reality that we haven’t always cultivated the key skills and competencies that allow for success in any environment. The rapid move to a virtual working environment really emphasized the following questions:

– What skills and competencies are critical to the business?
– What is our baseline employee proficiency for these skills?
– How can we assess and manage the impact of change in a rapid manner?

Further, there seems to be a real sense of urgency now in understanding the answers to these questions as Organizations prepare for a new normal. There is a lot to consider in terms of how critical roles have changed, what new skills and competencies will be required to thrive, and are we asking to do more work with fewer resources. In this session, we will discuss strategies for gaining an understanding of these critical questions. In addition, we will highlight some fundamental skills and competencies that are critical in any working environment but specifically in what is sure to be a new approach to work as organizations move forward.

Jai-Shah-KahunaJai Shah is the CEO and Co-founder of Kahuna. He has a successful 20+ year track record applying technology to better connect human resources to real-world problems with a particular focus on organizational development. Among his successful customers are several Fortune 500 companies.

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