The Perfect Pair: Technology and Your People

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In recent months, the world has seen the growing importance of people behind organizations. An organization’s flexibility and adaptability correlate directly with the flexibility and adaptability of its people. Equally so, we have seen the importance of technology and your people in remote working environments. Looking forward, neither of these ideas will go away. So – why not take advantage of the lessons we have learned in this season and think about how to improve our organizations for the future?

How do you do that? The Harvard Business Review recently noted that they “expect digital transformation to be an even bigger imperative for organizations in the short-term future.” Here’s the catch – your digital transformation shouldn’t just focus on the technology for the short-term, but rather, how to pair your people with the technology to fully prepare and future proof your workforce. In other words, focus on reskilling and upskilling your people so that your organization is prepared for anything. 

In one of our recent Kahuna articles, we discussed why organizations fail, and specifically, why their digital transformations fail. The answer? “It’s people. Your probability of success is directly tied to the readiness of your team – or lack thereof.” Evolve your business for the future and prepare your workforce for the skills needed in the future. Prepare them to close the gaps in their skill-sets. Utilize technology for skills management from the beginning to maintain data-driven insights on where your workforce lands on the spectrum now, and for a clear vision on where they can improve long-term.

Tap into the full potential of your workforce and gain a complete understanding of skills and competencies across your organization. Want to know more about how Kahuna can support your digital transformation? Get in touch today.

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