The Business Case for Competency Management

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What is Competency Management?

Competency Management is the entire process of assigning, assessing, and tracking the knowledge, skills, and experience required to perform specific activities. These specific tasks are very important to the success of an overall Talent Management program, as Competency Management is an objective way of ranking and measuring your employees against the training and learning that is being performed throughout your organization. Rather than making this a “check the box” activity, it becomes a strategy and has value for your organization. Competency Management helps to balance the talent supply and demand. The workforce is continually changing due to the retirement wave and the increase in contingent workers, as well as increasing regulations and expectations. Understanding your workforce and where each employee stands is the key to success in your overall Talent program.


Why Competency Management?

As the economy grows and skills become more specialized, the competition for talent has and will continue to increase. Companies that take notice of this and take action will stay ahead of the curve by keeping their skilled workers and being able to hire new employees that are highly sought after. During this process, it is critical to understand what you have and what you need. Competencies provide a common and objective assessment currency that underpins all aspects of the Talent Management process. Objectivity matters in your employee development programs as it clears the path for more detailed and accurate organizational planning.


The Benefits

•Helps Identify the Organization’s core competency

•Drives engagement

•Helps you plan for growth in your employees and the organization as a whole

•Providing true ROI on training initiatives

• Achieve faster time to revenue per employee

• Helps prevent safety and compliance issues

• Focuses on achieving Operational Excellence

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