The 3 Emerging Trends in Oil and Gas, According to HR Professionals

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Posted by Tom White, Product Manager at Hula Partners


For the second year in a row, our team attended the LEAP HR Oil and Gas Conference in Houston, TX. Both years were full of interesting presentations given by HR leaders in Oil and Gas covering pressing issues they’re facing.

Here are our top 3 takeaways:

1.     The outlook for oil and gas is more positive than this time last year. It was a consistent theme throughout the conference that all of the HR professionals seemed more positive about the future of the industry than they did last year. The price of oil has started to increase and companies are hiring once again. But, the one key note that we heard was that it is extremely important to continue to invest in your people in a downturn. Kent Dubbe, Vice President Human Resources & Organizational Development at Ariel Corporation, discussed in his presentation that it is important to retain talent through all business cycles, as it leads to employee loyalty and engagement as well as sets the business up to be nimble and responsive to movement in the market.

2.     The future is now. New technologies are emerging everyday and companies are investing in multiple areas to build their organizations. You must be responsive. We often hear that companies will adjust when the time comes or that they are comfortable with their systems now. The time to adjust is now; otherwise, you will be left behind. Your workers need to be multi-skilled and able to work with the technologies that your organization has chosen. It is up to the business to take ownership and become change makers!

3.     Contingent workers are becoming a larger portion of the oil and gas workforce. With the younger generations and technology driven organizations, the ability to work remotely or as a contractor has become a highly valued benefit for many workers. The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is extremely important when you are trying to attract and retain employees. The option for remote or purely contract work is appealing to many, as it allows for more flexibility and better integration of work and personal life. It’s time to update the EVP to a Workforce Value Proposition, to attract and retain both employees and contingent workers!

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