Built For Multiple Users

“Kahuna is an extension of our current competency management approach enhancing the overall process, delivery and management of assurance and development.”

-Walter Davis, Head of Talent and Learning Applications, Aggreko


Uncover your career potential and see how you are progressing towards your goals. With Kahuna, employees can answer:

  • What is expected of me and what skills gaps should I focus on?
  • Who in the organization has a similar background as mine and can mentor me?
  • What is the next step in my career and how do I get there?


Define and measure success while driving business results with a competent workforce. With Kahuna, managers can answer:

  • How do I empower my employees to drive their own continued development?
  • How can I communicate what I expect my employees to know and do?
  • How do I know which employees are best suited for an upcoming job?


Build a competent and competitive workforce to help you win more business. With Kahuna, executives can answer:

  • Does our workforce meet our current and future needs?
  • How should I optimize my learning and development budget?
  • Is my workforce aligned to our strategic goals?

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