Single Platform, Dual Purpose

Solving for assurance and development to meet the requirements of the full life-cycle of competency management.

The Kahuna Difference

Most applications force you to choose between competency assurance for Operations or competency development for Human Resources. We believe that these processes are inextricably linked and therefore you should not have to compromise one for the other.

A fit-for-purpose platform, Kahuna bridges the gap between core human resources processes and operational development to satisfy the most rigorous requirements for competency assurance and competency development.


Kahuna allows organizations to:


Kahuna supports:


Manage multiple competency catalogs with variable depths in a single system.

Configurable workflows and proficiency scales driving the ability to have different types of competencies and assessment methods in the same profile.

Dynamic competency data model allowing for specific attributes per competency.

No need to rely on job structures to house competency requirements. Create competency role profiles to meet your organizations needs.


Flexible assignment profile rule engine allow your HR data to drive assignments.

Where your data cannot drive assignment, use our Assignment Matrix and User Self-Service tool to streamline the process.

Ability for users to hold multiple roles whether it's primary or secondary, building blocks, or current versus future state goals.


Intuitive assessment forms allow for quick but thorough assessments.

KahunaOnline mobile app empowers in the field assessments with our offline capability.

Kahuna doesn’t force you to duplicate competencies for 'local' differences. Competency descriptors can be required or optional for your role specific needs.

Enable your employees and assessor to document competence with notes and attachments, per competency or even per descriptor.

Tie learning activities to competencies both as a prerequisite or as a reference point.

Gap Closure

Consolidated view of learning and development actions based on competency gaps.

See all your team's competence in one screen with our Team Matrix.

Deep-dive into individual profiles to see their gaps, partial proficiency completion, and all the resources available to close these gaps.


Prioritize your competency gaps using learning integrated, time-bound development plans.

Let Kahuna find and suggest new development options with our Role Predictor.

Automatically match user with mentors to help guide their competency development.

Integration with all learning management systems.


Prepare for the future with Kahuna's Planning module.

Interactive analytics can empower executives to gain key insights and make operational and talent decisions.

Use the Talent Finder to search for people who hold key competencies or are leaders in specific roles.

Access your data with our Reporting workbench.

Integration Comes Standard

Kahuna integrates with your existing systems allowing for more value with LMS and ERP solutions. Get started on your competency journey today and find out about the other solutions we integrate with.

Ready to kick-start your competency management program?