Sales Skills Assessments

Global sales teams sell into technically complex environments, requiring both core sales competencies and technical skills unique to the business to win deals. To effectively train and deploy the right team members to the right opportunity for the highest chance of success, sales skills management provides visibility into the critical skills inventories of the workforce.

Sales Skills Management Kahuna
Win more deals.
Assign the right people to the right team based on skills data.
Increase top-line revenue.
Sales Skills Management Kahuna

Transform your Sales Enablement efforts to focus on skills and competencies

Utilize Kahuna’s flexible role structure to curate and assign skills for general Sales competencies, or more technical and opportunity-specific skills based on industry, customer, technology or equipment.

Obtain a holistic view of proficiency based on learning, demonstrated behaviors, or real-life sales experience with data integrated into Kahuna from your CRM.

Use skills data to match the right sales staff to the right opportunities

Utilize rich competency, proficiency, and role readiness data that is curated for the specific opportunities your team is pursuing.

Identify talent meeting specific criteria in Kahuna’s Talent Finder. 

Publish user data to your CRM or any consuming system with Kahuna’s integration functionality.

Sales Skills Management Kahuna
Sales Skills Management Kahuna

Align Sales skills with forecasted demand

Evaluate your global sales teams’ current skills supply against the forecasted demands of the industry for targeted skills gap closure and recruitment in Kahuna’s Capability Planning Workbench.