Kahuna Coronavirus Perspective & Response

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To our customers,

At Kahuna, we care deeply about our employees, our customers, and the communities we all share. The impact of coronavirus is evolving and in this dynamic situation, we are focused on ensuring our people and our customers are supported with relevant information and resources. We are closely following the recommendations of the world’s leading health organizations and instituting policies to support their containment objectives along with implementing our business continuity plans in response to the developments.


Because the situation is constantly evolving we continue to monitor the advice from leading Health Organizations such as; World Health OrganizationU.S. Centers for Disease ControlEuropean Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, along with other local health organizations, and regularly issue updates on the situation to all our staff. Specifically, the direction we have given our people consists of the following:

  • Cancelling all work-related travel and avoiding personal travel;
  • Cancelling all physical onsite meetings with external parties (both hosted at the Kahuna offices as well as customer/partner offices) and replacing them with virtual meetings
  • Practicing good hygiene through handwashing, coughing into your elbow, etc.;
  • Staying home if ill or exposed to coronavirus and seeking medical attention as needed
  • Confidentially reporting if a member of the team or someone they live with may have been exposed to coronavirus;
  • Being aware of the published reports of phishing and other hacking attempts/scams specifically related to the distribution of purported coronavirus information which contains malware;

We are further supporting employees by encouraging them to work from home as their personal situation warrants and are currently ensuring technology solutions are in place to enable that capability with little to no disruption to customer service or security protocols.


We are cancelling all work-related travel including attendance at Events for the time being. We will reevaluate this as more information and guidance is made available via appropriate organizations.


We understand that our ability to ensure the continuity of our business and customer services is an important consideration. Our business continuity management program contains steps to mitigate the risk of business interruption and ensure an effective and timely response in the event of an unforeseen disruptive event such as coronavirus.

As of March 12, 2020, we are communicating the following regarding our business continuity plans:

  • All critical and ancillary systems used in customer delivery are cloud-based and are therefore accessible with no compromised security despite our remote working arrangements.
  • VPNs used in accessing our development and product environments have built-in redundancy and failover which has been tested recently.
  • All published SLAs will remain in effect and we do not anticipate any abnormal disruption in service delivery.
  • Operational management continues to perform risk assessments related to processes and systems as conditions change to ensure service delivery risks are identified early and are mitigated.


Thank you, as always, for being a valued part of the Kahuna Community.

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