Kahuna for Heavy Industry

Ensure the day-to-day operations are productive, compliant, and safe with a powerful, digitized competency management platform 

Heavy Industry Competency

Streamlining Your Workforce to Tap Into Its Full Potential

From operating dangerous equipment to having specialized skills, we know that those working the day-to-day operations in heavy industry have challenging roles. Up until now, ensuring your workforce was completely competent in their assigned roles was difficult because the tools available didn’t fully reflect how competencies were assigned and assessed.

With enterprise-wide visibility into competency levels across your organization, Kahuna is architected to meet the needs of how you really assign and assess competencies. With Kahuna’s competency for heavy industry, organizations complete visibility and control, empowering you to place the right worker in the right job at the right time – one hundred percent of the time.


The only solution to conduct real-time competency inventories, revealing what you need and making talent selection and development more strategic, while seamlessly integrating with other Human Resources solutions.

What Problems Are We Solving

Kahuna Solves Multiple Use Cases Across Heavy Industry

Built with compliance and workforce management in mind, Kahuna achieves something rare in heavy industry. It enables those working the day-to-day operations of heavily regulated industries to assign, assess, track, and manage the performance and skill sets of their workforce. Whether your team is dispersed across a plant or a larger geographic area, Kahuna’s competency management platform helps you reduce risk, prove compliance, build highly qualified teams, and enable faster decision making to improve the productivity and safety of your workforce.

“Kahuna has enabled us to have a much better understanding of our workforce…and helped us staff up projects faster and more effectively.”
David Holberry, Vice President of Engineering, OneSubsea

Standards Covered by Leading Regulatory Bodies

Competency for heavy industry is key with regulatory and industry-standard organizations. Kahuna’s competency management system allows you to weave in industry-standard safety and compliance alongside your competency framework, allowing the compliance process to become part of the standard operating procedure within your organization.

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