Engineering Technical Skills

Engineers are continuously innovating, designing, and quality testing company products, requiring both core engineering skills and product-line or customer-specific skills. As technology and business models change, the engineering workforces’ critical skills are key to a company’s competitive advantage within the industry.

Engineering Skills Management Kahuna
Inform workforce planning to match skill supply and demand.
Identify talent and form global project teams efficiently and effectively.
Ensure knowledge transfer and the development of critical skills.
Retain employees with engaging development plans.
Kahuna Skills Management Engineering

Forecast critical skills demand and drive aligned development plans

Forecast your skills demand and evaluate your current skills supply in Kahuna’s capability planning workbench for targeted skills gap closure or recruitment.

Assemble global teams with project-specific critical skills

Use rich user competency, proficiency, and role readiness data that is curated for specific opportunities. 

Identify specific criteria in your talent with Kahuna’s Talent Finder.

Publish user data to your CRM or any consuming system with Kahuna’s integration functionality.

Kahuna Skills Management Engineering
Kahuna Skills Management Engineering

Support Engineering Technical Career Ladders (ETCL) with technical skills development

Anchor promotion eligibility conversations in an individual’s journey to technical competence and proficiency.

Prioritize and keep track of specific skills and competencies as well as development activities within Kahuna’s Capability Development plans.

Engineering Technical skills management standards for regulatory bodies

Skills and competency for heavy industry are key with regulatory and industry-standard organizations. Kahuna’s skills management system allows you to weave in industry-standard safety and compliance alongside your competency framework, allowing the compliance process to become part of the standard operating procedure within your organization.