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Codify Your Team's Potential

Understand and Invest in the Capabilities of Your Workforce

Today, it is imperative to understand that skills are the fundamental currency between your company, customers, and workers. To completely support an evolving industry landscape and to fully know the capabilities of your team, you need a direct data approach with insight into your teams’ engineering and technology competencies.

Kahuna’s platform for engineering and technology competency management helps you understand your employees’ current state of knowledge and experience, giving you direction in planning for the future. With baseline data, you can achieve your strategic goals by reducing training spend, identifying skills gaps, enabling employees to take control of their professional development paths, and empowering executives to make smart operational and talent decisions. With Kahuna’s competency management, you can invest in the development of your internal intellectual resources to ensure your organization retains top talent.


A flexible, fit-for-purpose, integrative solution empowering your company at the compliance level and in the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

What Problems Are We Solving

Kahuna Solves Multiple Use Cases Across Engineering and Technology

Kahuna is not another HR application. It’s flexible design and data model empowers individuals to take control of their career development and showcase their skills, allowing Managers to have more focused development conversations with their teams. Kahuna’s platform for engineering and technology competency gives you the needed tools to ensure complete confidence in your workforce, ultimately having a profoundly positive impact on the success of your teams and company. 


Your probability of success is directly tied to the readiness of your team – or lack thereof.


Leverage Industry Best Practices

Competency management is key in technical and engineering roles. Kahuna’s competency management system allows you to weave in industry-standards and certifications alongside your competency framework.

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