Competency Management Value

"I got training that I didn't really need because there was no official way to measure or validate what I already was frustrating and a waste of time. It makes you feel like nobody sees the value that you bring. It was like having to be the new kid and prove yourself all over again."

Competency Management Designed for Value: Capturing competency data is essential for workforce planning and operational needs, as well as for regulatory, compliance, and accreditation requirements. For most healthcare systems, this translates into a heavy reliance on a combination of paperwork and spreadsheets that are scattered, siloed and often out of compliance. By partnering with Kahuna, Intermountain has taken on the challenge of standardizing competencies to revolutionize an outdated process by developing a robust digital competency framework that standardizes assessments for nurses and allied healthcare professionals across the entire organization and removes overlapping redundancies in the system. The result of this combined solution is a best-in-class digital platform that can be used to manage healthcare workforce talent.

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