Aligning HR with Business Strategy Business Drivers for Competency Management

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OneSubsea implemented a robust competency management program powered by the Kahuna platform to achieve significant business results.

“We knew our global Manufacturing capacity, but didn’t have the same level of visibility for our personnel”


OneSubsea, a Schlumberger Company, recognized a need to increase visibility into the competency levels of their workforce with an eye towards employee development. Rapid growth and workforce demographics underscored the importance for institutional knowledge sharing. While they had an excellent suite of training assets, the training delivery lacked a tie to competency development and was not efficient in terms of targeting a specific audience.


• Provide a structure for competency identification, assessment and development
• Shorten time to productivity by providing competency-based training
• Grow engineering technical competency to improve performance and increase capacity
• Support the advancement of employees
• Assure company executives, customers, and regulatory agencies that our employees are competent


• Provided a global picture of the organization and personnel
• Provided a platform to manage resources to meet business demands
• Provided our engineers with clear visibility of career paths and a way to manage progression towards goals
• Allowed engineering and engineers to be globally mobile
• Created a competitive advantage for recruitment and retention
• Become a platform for pro-active planning of training and knowledge transfer
• Become an enabler for further initiatives for personnel and business development

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